The REal Life Series

What is it about the truth that scares us?

From our earliest memories, we’re taught to be honest and forthcoming in our relationships with others. We’re admonished for telling lies and cautioned against concealing knowledge or information that could impact another’s perceptions or decisions in a negative way. We’re encouraged to “just be ourselves,” because without fully revealing our thoughts, no one would know who we truly are.

But despite those early admonitions, few of us practice full disclosure. We hold back, often presenting a public persona that is very different from our genuine selves. And it begs the question:

How did our inclination to withhold the truth evolve into common behavior in the way we communicate with others?

In this second book in the Real Life series, you’ll discover the reasons behind your self-doubt and lack of confidence. You’ll read real life stories with examples and suggestions of how to overcome fear and negativity and, hopefully, you’ll find a few answers to help guide you in the search for your personal truth.

The signs of positivity and optimism are all around us – if we’re ready to recognize them.

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Searching for truth is the easy part. The real work starts after you discover it.” - Jill Reid

Jill Reid is the author of the Real Life Series and founder of Pathway to Personal Growth. Her books and articles explore life, happiness, relationships, health, and personal success strategies.

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